Dance Classes for Everyone

Arthur Murray of Danbury offers friendly dance lessons for people in all phases of life! We have fun kid's classes, casual couple’s classes, and even competition level classes. It doesn’t matter if you have danced before or are just starting, we have different level classes for everyone. You can choose from all types of ballroom classes from Bachata to West Coast Swing. We even have Hip Hop classes. Arthur Murray prides itself on having an open, friendly atmosphere. For beginners and pros alike, our classes can help you feel confident, have fun and learn how to dance. We know our dance studio is the best place for you to start dancing!

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Have a cruise coming up? Looking to gain confidence on the dance floor? Ready to energize your social life? Learning to dance at Arthur Murray of Danbury is a fun and easy experience! Each of our programs are all inclusive, which allows you access to personal lessons, group classes, practice sessions and practice parties. This variety gives you a chance to dance with various levels of instruction and in different settings which brings a unique and important opportunity to build the foundation you need to grow your skills on the dance floor!



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Arthur Murray of Danbury can help you with an elegant and classy first dance, memorable father-daughter dance or a new set of skills for the reception party! We have a variety of programs to fit your needs, timeline and budget.

Invest in your future by spending quality time together, learning a new skill and invest in something you will never lose as you prepare to walk down the isle. Memories are made on the dance floor!

This is your first dance of forever...



I Want to Compete

Most people don't walk in the door with the goal of being a competitive dancer...but some do and we are ready for them! The glitz and glamour of fancy dresses, judges and choreographed danced routines is balanced out by a journey of hard work and dedication. Whether you want the fast track to a high level of competition or want to simply have a goal of participating at our dance center events and local competitions, we are there for you every step of the way.

Arthur Murray of Danbury offers a wide variety of local and nation-wide competitions and events to help you hone your skills, add statues and medals to your mantle and put a feather in your cap!