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Merengue Dance Classes

Merengue is the national dance of the Domincan Republic, its latin inspired moves and music are what attracts so many in learning and detailing the dance in classes. The dance begins with slow steps and transitions to sharp, quick tempo changes. Although the steps can be fast, they are easy to learn!      

Merengue classes have tremendous health benefits and our instructors can assure you that you will get a great workout while learning a new unique dance style. Our classes will get your heart up and beating and it is the perfect cardio workout for those that don’t want the stress of the gym! 

For those who have joint pain and osteoporosis, Merengue keeps you moving without wearing out your bones. You will only experience mild to moderate impact on joints, which makes the Merengue the best dance option for all ages. 

What to Expect at Arthur Murray of Danbury

In the convenience of our Danbury studio, our certified dancers can teach you the popular latin dance, the merengue. We always promote a fun and accepting atmosphere at our studio to help you feel comfortable learning a new dance skill. Dancers of all experience levels are welcome to attend our private or group lessons.

How much are Merengue Dance Lessons?

Merengue is a very social dance. Because of this, we offer private classes and group classes to accommodate everyone and their needs. Sign up for your first introductory class for $29 today! Come and take part in the beauty that is the Merengue!

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