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Bachata Dance Classes in Danbury

Here at Arthur Murray Danbury we teach Bachata, a fusion-style box-step dance that originated in the Dominican Republic. Dancing along with the music of Bachata is, for many people, how they cope with things going on in their lives. We hope that as you take our classes it will do the same for you.

Learning Bachata, we will first begin by getting a feel for the rhythm and the beat. Bachata is a partner dance and in our classes you will be dancing with different people and experience different dance styles throughout the class.

Our dance instructors encourage appreciation and comfort for all dance styles, no matter the skill level. Bachata is not only fun, but it is easy to learn and in our classes you will have the guidance to learn the steps but also freedom to make the dance your own.

What to Expect at Arthur Murray of Danbury

At Arthur Murray of Danbury, we always take a personalized approach to all of our dance lessons including our bachata classes. Our specially trained and certified instructors are excited to meet you and help you learn this amazing box-step dance!

When you come to our studio after a long day, we want to make you feel comfortable and excited to learn a new dance! Our bachata dance classes are offered for both private and group classes. Through weekly classes, we want to help you become a confident dancer. Put a little fun in your life – try one of our dance styles today!

How much are Bachata Dance Lessons?

All first orientation lessons are only $29! When you are finished with your orientation class, you can decide on your schedule, how many classes you take and what type of lessons you’d like to have. Pricing will always depend on the type of lesson, and whether it’s private or a group lesson.

To learn more about classes and pricing, call us at (203) 792-0176.

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