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Cha Cha Dance Classes in Danbury

The cha cha is a fun, energetic dance with playful energy. It’s similar to the Mambo and Rumba, but it replaces the “slow step” of dances with a triple step! To help you learn this new dance with ease, Arthur Murray of Danbury has experienced and dedicated instructors that offer both beginner and advanced classes.

This is a popular dance for ballroom dance students, but can also be for casual dancers who want to learn a new step! Its main appeal comes from how versatile it can be and the Cha Cha allows dancers to add their own twists during a dance performance. In recent years, it has become so popular that some often prefer this dance step to the Mambo!

If you’re looking for convenient, easy to follow dance steps, consider Arthur Murray for your first dance class! All introductory lessons are only $29!

What to Expect at Arthur Murray of Danbury

Our instructors at Arthur Murray of Danbury will always add a personal touch to your dance lesson. We want to work with you to ensure that you have a great time and can dance with confidence! Whether it’s for your wedding dance or a casual date night, there is room for everyone at our Danbury studio.

We offer single, double or private lessons for the Cha Cha. Through regular weekly classes, we want to help you learn new dance steps or get you ready for competition!

How much are Cha Cha Dance Lessons?

Your first lesson with Arthur Murray will only be $29! After, you can decide on your schedule and how often you come into the studio. Pricing will depend on the type of lesson (single, double) and whether it’s private or a group lesson.

Find out more about our classes and pricing by calling our studio today at (203) 792-0176.

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