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West Coast Swing Dance Classes in Danbury

Arthur Murray Danbury studio offers West Coast Swing dance lessons! West Coast Swing started as the ‘Official State Dance of California’, and most people believe it originated in the Los Angeles area. It is an evolving social dance, also known as a “slotted” dance, that involves the follower moving back and forth along the slot and dancing straight into the lead.

For those looking to improve on their swing dancing, West Coast Swing at Arthur Murray Danbury is the dance lesson you want to endure! Present day West Coast Swing varys in comparison to modern day West Coast Swing and that’s why our instructors pay attention to the kind of music, and then customize some moves for the West Coast Swing we teach.

Whatever your ability level, you are welcome to visit our studios, where you will learn the hidden magic behind the West Coast Swing.

What to Expect at Arthur Murray of Danbury

We take great pride that no other dance studio can lay a greater claim over contribution to West Coast Swing than our instructors. No matter the lesson being taught, at Arthur Murray Dance Studios, we have developed the art of dance over a period of spanning decades, and we’ve mastered every aspect of it.

Our instructors at Arthur Murray Danbury always ensure that our learning dancers are comfortable and excited to learn new dances! Our West Coast Swing lessons are offered for both private and group classes. You will experience swing dancing at a whole new level, one filled with joy! Come visit our Danbury office – try one of our dance styles today!

How much are West Coast Swing Dance Lessons?

When you book your first orientation lesson, the cost is only $29! From there, you will decide how you want to plan your schedule, which lessons you want to add and how many. Pricing is always determined by the type of lesson, and whether it’s a private or group lesson.

To learn more about the classes we offer and pricing, call us at (203) 792-0176.

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