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Salsa Dance Classes

Salsa dance has deep latin roots inspired by various cultures, mainly Cuban and Puerto Rican. However, there are many variations that have been practiced throughout other parts of the United States like in New York and Los Angeles. Salsa definitively means spice and variety and our dance classes hope to inspire just that.

From the very first class you take with us at Arthur Murray, you can expect thorough education and focus on the basic techniques that go along with the Salsa. The salsa is a great way to exercise in a fun and creative new way! Salsa is all about expressing yourself and our instructors are encouraging and uplifting to anyone and everyone no matter your skill level! 

Providing a dance experience with focus and education but also that promotes self love and confidence is what matters most to us here at Arthur Murray.

salsa dance classes

What to Expect from Arthur Murray of Danbury

Salsa dance lessons are for any skill level! Whether you’re looking to learn salsa as a single, double or in a large group, there is something new for everyone to learn. We can help you prepare for any occasion – be that a dance competition or an upcoming wedding.

Our dance classes at Arthur Murray of Danbury are meant to get you up and moving or to be in a social environment with new friends! No matter what you’re intentions are, our professional, certified dancers will be accomodating to your dance needs.

How much are Salsa Dance Lessons?

Salsa lessons are great for couples who are looking for something fun to do together. For singles, our classes are a great way for you to meet new friends! The Salsa is not just a dance experience but a social gathering. Whether you sign up for private or group classes you will be immersed in all that is dance! Sign up for your introductory class today for only $29!

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