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Foxtrot Dance Classes in Danbury

At Arthur Murray Danbury we teach Foxtrot, a graceful social dance that is both stealthy and swift. The Foxtrot’s signature moves have a rhythm consisting of a series of slow-slow-quick or slow-slow-quick-quick steps. Join us at Arthur Murray Danbury studio to experience the joy for yourself!

Those who have never danced Foxtrot before may think it looks complicated, but it’s actually one of the easiest dances for beginners to learn.The Foxtrot is the type of dance that can be used on any dance floor in numerous social dancing occasions such as weddings, birthdays, anniversaries, even on cruises!

The Foxtrot surrounds the aspect of social dancing, and is the ideal dance to help any new student discover just how fun social dancing truly is! Until this day, the Foxtrot remains one of the easiest and most versatile social dances to learn; not only is it adaptable to virtually all musical genres, students can quickly learn its basics and instantly look great performing it among their peers.

What to Expect at Arthur Murray of Danbury

Whether you want to learn the Foxtrot for impressing friends and strangers at social receptions, or if you have an eye towards performing in ballroom competitions, our instructors at Arthur Murray Danbury studio are on-hand to develop your very own customized dance program that’s right for you.

When you come to our Danbury studio, our instructors will always make sure that you’re comfortable and excited to learn a new dance! Our Foxtrot dance lessons are offered for both private and group classes. We will transform you from a new dancer to become a confident one! Come to our Danbury office to add a little fun in your life – try one of our dance styles today!

How much are Foxtrot Dance Lessons?

Your first orientation lesson is only $29! After your orientation class, it’s up to you how you plan out your schedule, how many classes you take and the type of lessons you choose. Pricing is always determined by the type of lesson, and whether it’s a private or group lesson.

To learn more about classes and pricing, call us at (203) 792-0176.

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