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Dancing isn’t just fun, it can teach you some pretty important things as well!  Here’s a list of three important life lessons that you can learn while ballroom dancing.  

1. Take a chance

Picking up the phone or writing that email to start the conversation about your dancing career can be one of the biggest obstacles you may face.  Each individual has their own reason for why they might be hesitant to do so, maybe it’s anxiety or a memory of a bad experience. Put those feelings behind you and get lost in the thrill of a new door opening.  Take a chance to begin a new and exciting hobby, and allow yourself to enjoy all the opportunities that open up after you begin!  

How to apply this to the rest of your life:

Starting something new, especially something way out of your comfort zone, is definitely tough.  But, if you hear this new thing calling out to you, then go for it! Be prepared to be on the receiving end of anything from great memories to building experience.  

2. Don’t give up!

Chances are, you will experience lulls in your learning at some point, whether it’s for a routine, a specific style, or anywhere else in life you want to excel in.  You feel like you are just going through the motions and not taking anything in.   Or, maybe you have an awkward experience at a practice party that makes you question whether or not you want to go to a practice party ever again.  This is a prime opportunity for your motivation to drop and for ideas of giving up to rise.  Don’t let that take over!  Keep pushing on by asking questions, practicing and opening up your mind to different perspectives of your situation.  

How to apply this to the rest of your life:

Frustrating encounters, especially when you are still learning, can sometimes be enough for anyone to call it quits.  But, if you don’t allow yourself to drop the ball and instead bring in bright motivation, success will surely be right around the corner!  

3. Be unapologetically you!  

Ballroom dancing has so many avenues for you to be truly you.  Take time to explore each side street to find what really feels right.  Especially in routines, there are so many ways to add a touch of you to your dancing.  From the song you want to dance to, to a move you saw and want to incorporate into your routine, the list of possibilities is very long!  Even in group classes, ask to learn a new move or to get clarification on an idea you have been confused with. And if something doesn’t click, then tell your instructor!  

Our practice parties allow our students to unapologetically be themselves in a safe environment!

How to apply this to the rest of your life:

In every aspect of life, you should be able to add a little bit of “you” to the recipe.  Whether it is for work, in relationships, or hobbies, if you don’t feel like yourself, then the spark will die off very quickly.  

If you would like to reinforce these life lessons, contact us today!

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