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Everyone can experience huge benefits from learning to dance at any age!  Let’s start with kids and teens.


Kids can make new and lasting friends by finding a partner to dance with and by dancing at in-studio events.  Also, by dancing with their teacher, they build important skills for interacting with adults that they can apply in school, with their teachers, and even with you!  


In 1990, the International Council of Amateur Dancers decided to change its name to International DanceSport Federation, intentionally putting the word “sport” in the name to make it more obvious that dance is, in fact, a sport!  For example, dancing Salsa for just 30 minutes can burn about 200 calories!  Exercise is healthy for anyone at any age, but especially for kids who have a seemingly endless supply of energy.  


Kids’ bodies grow and change by the day.  Dancing teaches body awareness and internal coordination, so they will know where their body is at all times.  It also teaches spatial awareness in relation to their dance partner.  When they dance in competitions or at social events, they learn to better gauge their surroundings.  As such, it’s not surprising that dancing helps them stay in tune with their bodies as they grow.  


All of these benefits will lead to bright and shining confidence that is sure to last on and off the dance floor.  Confidence isn’t just a feeling, either; it is also shown through posture.  Dancing teaches great posture, and studies have found that good posture leads to decreased self-doubt.  So when a child learns how to hold their posture, they will feel more confidence in themselves.  

Dancing is an activity that can take kids out of their comfort zones, but these benefits are well worth the effort.  

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