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You want to go out dancing.  You even know all the hottest spots nearby.  But, maybe not knowing how to act or what to expect is keeping you from actually going out and enjoying yourself.  

Accepting Invitations to Dance

It’s important to accept someone’s invitation to dance as much as possible.  Some exceptions include if you are unfamiliar with the dance or if you are sitting out to take a break and recharge.  If you find that one of those exceptions apply to you, then thank them for asking but you are going to sit out from this song.  Also, if you do want to dance with them, just after this song ends, tell them! It is important that you never feel pressured to dance with someone.  

If this idea seems totally out of your realm, then attend a few practice parties on Friday nights!  If you find that as a leader, asking someone to dance seems daunting, you will find that followers will be just as willing to offer their hand for a dance.  

This point is something beginners should have at the front of their mind.  Dancing with more people will allow you to feel how different partners go about leading or following with different moves.  It can even help with more generic things like how different people connect with you while dancing. A great way to dip your toe into this idea is to go to some group classes at the studio!  This will help you solidify your steps, and you will be constantly swapping partners. 

Don’t forget to thank your partner after the dance ends!  

Offering up an Invitation to Dance

In a crowded, dimly lit room, it’s critical to make sure the person knows that you are talking to them and not anybody else in the immediate vicinity.  This will avoid awkward and possibly embarrassing moments of more than one person accepting your hand to dance.

Most importantly, don’t be afraid to ask anyone to dance, even if you are a follower!  It will be great experience practicing stepping out of your comfort zone if you find yourself to be more introverted.  If this seems too nerve-wracking for you, then here is another great reason to attend practice parties! You will be surrounded with familiar faces who are ready and willing to accept your offer to dance.  

If someone rejects your invitation, it’s nothing personal!  Chances are, they are doing so from one of the same reasons you might reject a dance listed in the previous section.  Brush it off and find someone else to dance with!

Just like when you accept an invitation to dance, you should also thank your partner after the dance ends!  

Take a Shower!

Of course, no matter how much you are planning on getting your groove on, washing off the day’s sweat and grime before going out will make your time out even better.  And, your partners will be very happy! If you are still afraid of your “natural musk” coming through, you could always bring an extra shirt or a travel-size deodorant.  

Confidence is Key

Stay positive and be confident of your own skills!  You know what you are doing, and even if you make a few mistakes you will not be alone.  It will never be necessary to apologize for making a mistake, even if you have to stop and collect yourself!  Remember that every social dance, whether it’s inside the dance studio or out, is a learning experience. If your partner for that song is more advanced than you or less, is fun to dance with or not so much, is strong or light, you will learn something every time that will make you a better social dancer.  

Having a great attitude will further elevate how much fun you will have while out dancing!  If one of your goals is to be able to hold your own on the dance floor, but you feel you aren’t quite prepared to do so, then give us a call or email us to schedule some lessons!  

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