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(Instructor Andy leading a West Coast Swing group class)

The goal of every Arthur Murray instructor is to make group classes a safe and fun place to improve your dancing.

If you are brand new to the studio and would like to attend one of these classes…

If you are reading this article and have not yet scheduled a personal lesson with us, feel free to click here, give us a call at (203) 792-0176 or reach out through email at [email protected].  Continue reading if you would like to get a better feel of what group classes at Arthur Murray Danbury look like!

Why should you attend?

One word: Confidence. In these group classes you will build your confidence by dancing with other students and instructors.  Not only that, but practicing the skills you have learned in your personal lessons will help you get to the point where the dancing is smooth and natural, which in turn will give you another confidence boost!

Any time you have a question, you can be assured that someone else has the same one, but maybe they don’t think to ask about it.  By engaging in these group classes, you will not only help yourself improve but you’ll also help the other students. On Tuesdays, we have what we call a “grab bag” class, which is meant specifically to answer your questions.

Another great reason to come to these group classes is to get moving more frequently than just your private lesson. Even without a personal lesson that night, it’s a perfect excuse to get off the couch and break a sweat!

(Instructor Laz leading a Samba class)

This is a safe environment!

All of your fellow students are here for the same reason, and that is to learn!  There is no room for judgement in this environment, only for fun and focus. Every student is there for one reason; improvement.  

What should you expect at a group class?  

Group classes last 45 minutes.  There will be an opportunity to warm up for a couple of minutes before the class starts as students are still rolling in.  Instructors will start with more simple ideas and build upon them as class progresses. How far in-depth the instructor will go into the topic for the class depends on which level you are attending.  You will come out feeling more confident and ready to dance! 

Come on down for a group class and watch your dancing vastly improve from all levels! Make sure that you try out what you learned in the Friday night party

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