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Arthur Murray Festivals are 6-week events that happen twice a year; once from May into June and again from November into December.  Both are designed to create energy and excitement in studios all over the world!

Join us for our upcoming Festival, which starts on Friday, May 3.  Our theme will be Board Games! To cap it all off, we will have an exciting in-studio event called Summer Sizzle!

(Celebrating Festival time!)

What’s the Big Deal?

The biggest goal of Festival is to generate positive energy in the studio and show the world Arthur Murray of Danbury’s amazing studio culture. This is an event that will inspire you to keep working hard on your dancing, and maybe even take on some new projects.

This is also the perfect time for you to set your dance goals for the next six months.  For example, many students choose to add a new dance to their roster, start a new routine or just revamp their social dance program.

What to Expect at Festival:

Lots of fun and lots of parties!  The entire studio will be transformed with fun decorations, new group classes and, of course, themed practice parties with food, drinks and dancing!  You can also show off your pride in the studio and help create an incredible festival experience by sponsoring the studio, which helps provide all of the extras during this time and gives you the chance to win awesome prizes. At the end of these six weeks, there is an in-studio event to celebrate all of the hard work that you have been putting into your dancing.  In the summer, the event is called Summer Sizzle, and in the winter, it is called Jingle Ball.

Summer Sizzle/Jingle Ball

If you have never attended an event outside of the studio, these showcases are a great way to experience a similar atmosphere and get you ready to take your dancing on the road!  You will be sharing the floor with familiar faces from the studio and getting valuable feedback on your dancing that you can use moving forward into the second half of the year.

Summer Sizzle, which will take place during the day on Saturday, June 15, is similar to a showcase.  There will be heats and solos from students within the studio, and a guest judge will be joining us.

(Taking a bow)


Sponsorships are how students can be involved in making Festivals memorable experiences for everyone in the studio.  For a small fee, you will have the opportunity to win fun prizes as you travel around the Arthur Murray game board by attending parties, coming to group classes and taking personal lessons.  The prizes can be anything from money for shoes to gift cards to local businesses to free lessons! The money will go toward helping provide food and decorations for the duration of festival.

If you also have an interest in being involved with festival by helping provide food or decorations, feel free to talk to your instructor!  

What’s going on this Festival?

Each party, special group class or event will be based on a different board game, and there will be a fun mini dance version of the game during that event.  

We are excited to announce that Jimmy Mulligan, a student favorite from when he visited the studio in February, will be back to judge Summer Sizzle!  He will make comments and give feedback to all of the dancers participating.

Join us for this upcoming festival for six weeks of fun activities!  

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