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January Social Extravaganza

The January Social Extravaganza is located at the Sheraton Hotel at Bradley International.  It takes place from Friday to Sunday.  One unique aspect of this showcase is the spirit award!  Eight of the studios in Connecticut vie to see who has the best school spirit by cheering for their dancers throughout the day and performing a studio cheer. Arthur Murray of Danbury has won the spirit award several times over the years and we always have our eyes on the prize!  

During the day on Friday, there are dance camps, which are hour long workshops taught by the Arthur Murray professionals that are judging the event.  Dance camps are similar to a masterclass taught by a traveling consultant that comes to your studio, and you can choose up to four of these to go to for the day.  These dance camps are a great way to get some intense instruction on any dances you are looking to improve on!  On Friday night before the solo performances, there will be a social dinner where you will get to know dancers from the studios all over the state. You’ll see many of these people over and over again at different events and they’ll grow into your extended dance family!  

The next day includes a formal themed banquet with social dancing, a fun Jack and Jill competition for students, and performances by the teachers for your entertainment as you sit back after a day of dancing. On Sunday morning, there is a farewell breakfast as a way to relax and recover before heading back to real life. 

August Freestyles

August Freestyles are held just a short drive from historic Mystic, CT from Saturday to Sunday.  

Just like at the January showcase, there will be social dancing and an after party until 2AM on Saturday.  At August Freestyles, however, there is a live orchestra to accompany you in the evening! Sunday morning will also include a farewell breakfast. 

For students who are geared more towards competitive dancing, the August Freestyles has what is called “Arthur Murray Championships.”  This is a great way to test your dancing in both smooth and rhythm styles. The competition is divided by level, and from there, dances are chosen at random from the major competitive dances and the highest combined scores receive a prize.  Whether you’ve been dancing for 3 months or 13 years, not to worry.  You’ll never be placed in a category with more advanced dancers.  



Join us at the next CT showcase!

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