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It’s sadly common to have people come into the studio saying they would “have started years ago” if they had known they didn’t need a partner to start dancing.  

So, we thought we would clear up the misconception that coming in with a partner is a necessity for taking ballroom lessons!

For private lessons?

Maybe you are single, or your partner just isn’t interested in dancing.  That shouldn’t stop you, though! During a private lesson, if you do not have a partner, you will be dancing with your instructor!  Arthur Murray instructors are trained to work with single people and couples. Coming into your first lesson on your own may feel intimidating, but your fellow students and the instructors will make you feel right at home!  

There are many benefits to taking lessons on your own.  For example, you can focus on exactly which dances you want, you will get specific feedback catered to you, and you will progress quickly since you will be dancing solely with a trained instructor.  

What about for group classes?

At Arthur Murray group classes, there will be plenty of people to lead or follow with you.  Also, even if you do bring a partner, you won’t be staying with them for the entire class. One of the benefits of coming to group classes is how often you switch partners in order to get a feel of how other people may go about the skill you are working on during that class.  

For those of you who have partners but your schedules don’t always line up, don’t let that stop you from taking full advantage of the program we provide!  Going to group classes on your own will give you even more time to excel in your dancing, and overcome any obstacles you have been facing in your own dancing.  

(Students at a group class)

Practice parties???

Especially not at practice parties!  A practice party is meant to be a safe environment where students and instructors mingle and practice their skills with anyone willing and able.  

Long story short…

This myth that you need a partner to take ballroom lessons should be kicked to the curb.  That being said, if you do have a partner who is also interested in learning to dance, you can absolutely bring them along!  But, not bringing in a partner should be the last thing on your mind when debating if you want to learn to dance.

If you have an itch to move, contact us to schedule a lesson!

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