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Are you in the mood to watch a movie with some great ballroom dancing in it, but have no idea where to start?  Check out this list of our instructors’ favorite movies to get an idea for what you may want to watch next!  

Andy – Strictly Ballroom

In the mood for a romantic comedy with a splash of ballroom dancing?  Check out Andy’s pick – Strictly Ballroom!  Scott Hastings, a decorated ballroom dancer that comes from a family of dancers, loses his partner after his dancing made them lose a competition.  With little time to lose, Scott finds a new partner, a local dancer who is not known for her skills in the studio. The new pair work hard to achieve their dream of winning a National Championship, and on their journey they find love. 

Here’s what instructor Andy has to say on the movie: “I think this movie captures the drama, even melodrama, of the ballroom dancing world with it’s over-the-top costumes and choreography. It’s a strange, funny take on our chosen art!”

Laz and Sam – Dance With Me

Maybe a romantic comedy isn’t for you, but rather a romantic drama.  Take a look at the movie that both Laz and Sam love – Dance With Me.  A young Cuban dancer that works at a Latin dance studio is constantly inspiring students to continue to grow through his passion.  A beautiful professional dancer joins the studio, and he inevitably falls in love with her. She fights against his love to try and focus on her career.  Will she win the fight or succumb to his love? Watch the movie to find out!  

Instructor Sam says she likes this movie because “it does a nice job of shedding light on the social dancing world instead of only focusing on the professional ballroom world, which most dance movies do.”  

This is Laz’s favorite dance movie because “I’ve always been called CHYANE (main character in the movie) and quite frankly my life as an Arthur Murray professional is reflected off that movie…. ALL OF IT!  You must FEEL the dance versus just doing what’s in the book!”

Tara and Sam – Take the Lead

If you are more interested in a drama that is based on a true story, then Tara and Sam’s pick, Take the Lead, may be for you!  Famous dancer Pierre Dulaine faces resistance when he takes a teaching job in a New York City school.  He has to meet in the middle by meshing classic ballroom dancing and the hip-hop moves that the kids are accustomed to.  

Instructor Tara likes this movie a lot because “you can see the shift in the kids lives from having no interest to the dancing really having an impact on them!  I think that so many people are opposed to believing that something could be good for them, but the benefits really shine through once they get started!  I experienced it myself and I see it in students all the time, so I think its a realistic depiction of how dance can impact someone’s life.”  

Sam says “I like Take the Lead because it shows that anyone is capable of dancing and it showcases the confidence dancing can give you.”

Let us know your favorite ballroom movie in the comments below!  

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