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We are Arthur Murray of Danbury…

…And our mission is to create a positive environment where every person can express their true selves.


Everyone walking into our studio has come in for a different reason.  

Some are hoping to meet new friends or fortify relationships they already have.  Some are looking to stay physically healthy. One thing they all have in common is that they are stepping outside their comfort zone.  And by doing so, they watch their lives improve through dance!

This is an Educational Blog!

It is not just for our current students, but also for any prospective students who want to know the ins and outs of the studio!  We want to provide an easily accessible way to learn about your new school.

Learn Dancing Tips and Tricks.  

We will provide insight on topics and skills that will help you excel in your dancing!  

See What Goes On in and Around the Studio.  

Are you curious about different events that happen through the studio?  This blog will provide clear explanations about everything that we do! Whether it be a showcase or a group class, our goal is to have one easily accessible place to get your questions answered about any of these events.  

We believe that, no matter what your reason for reaching out, you will find the benefits of adding dance to your life to be priceless.  Come schedule a lesson and start your dancing career today!

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