Tango Dance Classes at Arthur Murray

Anyone that has watched Dancing With the Stars over the past several years knows how popular the Latin dances are. The one that is the most sensual yet technically complex is the Tango. It can come in two forms, the Argentine Tango and the Modern Tango. Although they are similar, they have very distinctively different looks. At the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Danbury, CT the best of both worlds come together providing dancers with unique insight into the culture and history that made up the original dance then changed it over time. It's not only a dance that will teach control, but it will build strength, stamina, and confidence as well as improve posture.

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio was started in 1912 and was immediately a success due to Arthur Murray's involvement in social dance scene in America. In the 1930's, after introducing the Big Apple to his students, his hallmark became a worldwide phenomenon. The success of the studios scattered throughout the US and the world has been attributed to maintaining unparalleled dance instruction, excellent customer service and an organizational structure that was devoted to a culture of superior quality.


Tango Classes Offered

Regardless of whether you've ever danced in your life, Arthur Murray Dance Studio is ready to teach you the skills you need to know to feel confident when taking the floor to dance the Tango. Everyone is welcome and will learn under the tutelage of the highly trained instructors. There's nothing more exciting than starting out as a novice and ending up competing on the national and/or international stage. 

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How much are Tango Dance Lessons?

One of the best benefits is that the first lesson is only $29 regardless of other factors. After the instructor has had the opportunity to evaluate your existing dance skills, ability to grasp choreography, desire for group or individual instruction, stamina, strength and other factors, they will recommend the best option for you. You can then make an informed decision about the program and/or programs you would like to participate in. To learn more about classes and pricing, call us at (203) 792-0176.

Gift Certificates

We offer a variety of gift certificates starting at 29$. Don’t forget to check back periodically for holiday specials!



History of Tango Dancing

It is believed that the Tango originated in Buenos Aires when the dances and music of European immigrants and slaves fused with the culture, music, and dance of the people of Argentina. It was originally seen in the lower-class districts of the city but soon became popular throughout society. When musicians and dance groups toured Europe in the 1900's they brought the dance with them. It wasn't long before it was shared with the rest of the world who embraced it because of its sensuality and passion. Today it is considered one of the key competitive Latin dances of the International Ballroom Society.

The Tango is a vibrant dance that has a rich history. It is collaborative requiring sensitivity, respect, clarity and trust as shown through the maintenance and harmony of the embrace as well as with the music. Best of all, it builds strength, control, confidence and a sense of rhythm. If you'd like to try this challenging dance, you should call the Arthur Murray Dance Studio in Danbury, CT today. After all, your first lesson is free so what do you have to lose?


Tango Dance Lessons Throughout Greater Danbury, CT

Arthur Murray of Danbury offers professional, friendly Tango dance classes in a welcoming environment. You may have danced before or never before. It doesn't matter. We have the right class that fits your style and pace, staffed by dedicated dance instructors. Our dance studio is physically located in the heart of Danbury, CT. But, we serve the greater area offering dance lessons for anyone interested. You don't need a partner or experience. Just be prepared to come have fun and learn how to dance. Call us today to schedule your class: 203-792-0176



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