Swing Dance Classes at Arthur Murray

Swing is a fast, bouncy dance born from the jazz of the Roaring ‘20s. It has become a social dance where partners and couples gather together to, well, swing. At Arthur Murray of Danbury, we share the experience through our Swing Dance Lessons.

Taught by dedicated instructors, we offer swing classes for any skill level, from beginners to competition level. But why Arthur Murray of Danbury? Because we have been providing friendly, fun swing dance lessons for years. (In fact, it was by teaching the Big Apple, an essential swing dance, that Arthur Murray’s one studio turned into the world’s largest chain of dance studios.) Our friendly staff and open environment mean you can leave your nerves and awkwardness at home. Come down to our Danbury dance studio to meet your swing dance instructors and your fellow classmates. We are excited to hear from you!


Swing Classes Offered

We offer swing classes for any skill level. Never danced swing? Not a problem. Are you a competitive level swing dancer looking to up your game? We have classes for that too. You can choose from private, group, single or partner classes. Whether you’re solo or with your significant other, we have a class for you.

Beginner’s Classes
Beginner Adult Classes
Couples & Solo Classes
Competitive Classes
Personal Lessons
Group Lessons


How much are Swing Dance Lessons?

Your first orientation lesson is only $29. After your orientation, you choose your schedule, the number of classes and type of lessons you are interested in. The pricing depends on the type of lessons, private dance lessons vs group lessons. To learn more about classes and pricing, call us at (203) 792-0176.

Gift Certificates

We offer a variety of gift certificates starting at 29$. Don’t forget to check back periodically for holiday specials!



History of Swing Dancing

Swing is actually a collection of various dances, most of which developed in African American communities. They are vernacular dances, which means they developed organically, as part of everyday life. It was natural, then, for them to become attached to the swing jazz of the late 1920s. Charles Lindbergh hopped over the Atlantic Ocean in 1927, and the Lindy Hop was born. As the Big Band Era evolved, so, too, did the dance of swing. When big bands faded away, swing proved its staying power by continuing, rebranded as jitterbug (so named because the dancers were said to look like jitterbugs), boogie-woogie and rock ‘n roll. Partner dances went out of style for a little while, but swing rose through the ashes in the 1990s, when there was a revival in the dance style. For as long as people continue to move to the sound of music, Swing Dance will continue to be popular.

At Arthur Murray of Danbury, we love sharing the swing dance with everyone as it adds a special flavor to the studio. Learn how to make swing a part of your life here.



Swing Dance Lessons Throughout Greater Danbury, CT

Arthur Murray of Danbury offers professional, friendly Swing dance classes in a welcoming environment. You may have danced before or never before. It doesn't matter. We have the right class that fits your style and pace, staffed by dedicated dance instructors. Our dance studio is physically located in the heart of Danbury, CT. But, we serve the greater area offering dance lessons for anyone interested. You don't need a partner or experience. Just be prepared to come have fun and learn how to dance. Call us today to schedule your class: 203-792-0176



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