Dance Classes for Everyone

Walk in, dance out!

Arthur Murray offers fun, affordable dance classes for both beginners and pros in all types of ballroom dance. Partner or no partner, give us a call and start dancing today!

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio can accommodate virtually any skill level of dancer. Our instructors teach a variety of different dance styles, and they are very experienced and professional. Most importantly they are very passionate about dance! Whether you are just dancing for fun or you are interesting improving your dancing skills, Arthur Murray is a great place to learn for Roxbury residents. If you are just starting out and haven’t decided what type of dance class you would like to take we understand! We teach over 15 different types of dance in our class! The best part is that you can try any one of them out! In addition to different types of dance lessons, our classes include kid’s classes, casual couple classes, a number of competition level classes and more! Our goal is to help you feel comfortable and share in our love of dancing! Live in Roxbury? Call us today to schedule your first class! (203) 792-0176.

Why Dance With Arthur Murray?

Since 1979 Arthur Murray has been a place where dancers from the Roxbury area could meet and share in their passion for dance. We have been teaching our professional and exciting dance classes for over 40 years! In all that time our main goal still remains the same. Our goal is to share our love of dance with others! We welcome and encourage beginners and do not worry, there is no need to feel nervous! Our dance instructors are the best in the business, and are experienced teaching at every skill level. Our mission is to put you at ease and do everything in our power to make sure you have the best experience. Here at Arthur Murray we want you to have an enjoyable experience, have an opportunity for you to share in the love of dance with others. Learn more about our dance instructors here.

Roxbury Dance Lessons For

Adult Beginners
Toddlers & Kids
Competitive Dance Seekers

Personal Lessons
Group Classes
Practice Sessions
Practice Parties

How Much Are the Dance Classes?

At Arthur Murray, we pride ourselves on our ability to provide a fantastic dancing environment with professional dance instructors. To share in the experience you can participate in our Roxbury orientation dance classes for as little as just $29. Our prices vary depending on the type of lesson and we also can provide private or group dance lessons. Want to find out more about our classes and pricing? Just call us at (203) 792-0176.

Contact us today for more class and payment information!