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Dance Classes for Everyone

Walk in, dance out!

Arthur Murray offers fun, affordable dance classes for both beginners and pros in all types of ballroom dance. Partner or no partner, give us a call and start dancing today!

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio

Take the first step to learning alongside professionals in a welcome environment at Arthur Murray of Newtown. We are a premier dance studio based in the Newtown, CT area offering a wide range of classes. Whether you are seeking lessons for your kids, casual couple’s classes, or looking to train professionally, we’ve got you covered. We welcome students of all types, so whether you’ve danced for years or this is your first step, we have what you’re looking for. If you’ve been seeking a studio in the Newtown area, look no further! Call us to schedule your first lesson today. (203) 792-0176.

Why Dance With Arthur Murray?

Looking for professional dance classes but worried about pressure? At Arthur Murray, we take pride in letting our students shine, whether it’s their first class or they’re a seasoned pro. With a history within CT since 1979, Arthur Murray has been a place where anyone can learn to dance. Come on by and meet new people that share your passion for dance without the stress. Take a step into our studios where you’ll be welcomed by friendly instructors and surrounded by others just as passionate as you!

Newtown Dance Lessons For

Adult Beginners
Toddlers & Kids
Competitive Dance Seekers

Personal Lessons
Group Classes
Practice Sessions
Practice Parties

How Much Are the Dance Classes?

Beginning at just $29 our first orientation lesson extends into a variety of classes depending on the type of dance you choose. These varieties include one-on-one dance lessons, group sessions, and more! To learn more about classes and pricing, call us at (203) 792-0176.

We take pride in our dance history in CT and the many students we have come to know. Come join us to be a part of it all!

Contact us today for more class and payment information!