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Walk in, dance out.

Arthur Murray offers fun, affordable dance classes for both beginners and pros in all types of ballroom dance for the Easton community. Partner or no partner, give us a call and start dancing today!

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio

For the dancers in the Easton community, Arthur Murray can offer you professional instructors, a friendly environment and endless styles of dance. We love to teach people about the passion of dance, and we provide classes for people of all ages! This includes kid’s classes, casual lessons, and competitive level classes. Don’t worry, we’ve got you covered! It doesn’t matter if you have never danced before or you’ve been dancing your whole life, we can help anyone at any stage learn to appreciate the ways of dance. Call us today to schedule your first class: (203) 792-0176


Our Dance Class Schedule

Throughout the week, we offer a mixture of evening classes with different times and days that you can pick and choose from. In the Easton area and need a specific date or time for classes? Take a look at our complete dance schedule to see what works best for your schedule.

Styles of Dance We Teach:

Why Dance With Arthur Murray?

Arthur Murray has been serving the Easton area since 1979, offering the community an array of dance classes that anyone of any age can take and learn from. We love helping those who are just as passionate about dance as we are. Don’t worry about feeling nervous, our studio environment is calm and welcoming, and our instructors always make sure that you are enjoying your time here. Want to learn more about our dance instructors? Take a look here.

Easton Dance Lessons For:

Adult Beginners

Toddlers & Kids
Competitive Dance Seekers
Personal Lessons

Group Classes
Practice Sessions
Practice Parties

How Much Are the Dance Classes?

An orientation class will cost only $29, and we promise at Arthur Murray of Easton that we will offer you a great dance experience. Pricing for other classes that we offer will be based on the type of lesson, give us a call to learn more about our pricing and classes.

Arthur Murray has been in the community for almost 40 years, serving those in the Easton community and throughout Connecticut. We are a group of passionate instructors who want to help you learn to dance or to help you learn new dances! We can’t wait to see you! Call us today: (203) 792-0176