Dance Classes for Everyone

Walk in, dance out!

Arthur Murray offers fun, affordable dance classes for both beginners and pros in all types of ballroom dance. Partner or no partner, give us a call and start dancing today!

The Arthur Murray Dance Studio

At Arthur Murray, we provide world-class dance programs for the entire Brookfield community. At our dance studio, anyone can find something for themselves. With over 15 different varieties of dance classes, at Arthur Murray, you can find your fit. Our lessons come in a range from Beginner to Competitive so that you come in feeling as confident as the pros. Come on by or call to schedule your first class! (203) 792-0176.

Why Dance With Arthur Murray?

Arthur Murray has been the go-to for approachable but professional dance classes in Brookfield since 1979. We have been sharing our love of dance ever since, and our studios prove it. With our large range of classes and friendly staff, it’s easy to share our passion for dance with others, and now so can you!

Brookfield Dance Lessons For

Adult Beginners
Toddlers & Kids
Competitive Dance Seekers

Personal Lessons
Group Classes
Practice Sessions
Practice Parties

How Much Are the Dance Classes?

For as little as $29 for an orientation dance class, Arthur Murray of New Milford can offer you the best dancing experience. Our prices differ depending on the type of lesson and we also can provide private or group dance lessons. Want to find out more about our classes and pricing? Just call us at (203) 792-0176.

Contact us today for more class and payment information!