Rumba Dance Classes at Arthur Murray

Rumba is one of the most exciting, passionate dances performed in modern times. It has evolved over centuries from both Spanish and African influences to become the popular dance we know today. It incorporates exaggerated movements with a sharp, staccato beat to help participants feel the rhythm. The music comes from combining American big band tunes with Afro-Cuban aspects. American-style rumba is taught with a simple box figure step pattern, allowing anyone to be able to pick it up quickly. From basic movements to cucarachas, and spot turns to hip twists, our dance lessons help you learn a variety of Rumba moves. At Arthur Murray of Danbury, we help everyone have the opportunity to experience the invigorating dance of Rumba.

Our dance lessons help people with a variety of skill levels. We offer extensive lessons that appeal to beginners, intermediates, and advanced dancers. Our goal is to help you improve your dancing while also having an enjoyable experience. All of our lessons at the Danbury dance studio are non-intrusive, helping you feel comfortable and relaxed at all times. Our professional dance instructors work with you every step of the way to ensure you achieve your dance goals.


Rumba Classes Offered

We offer a variety of different Rumba dance classes to meet the needs and goals of all our members. With Arthur Murray of Danbury, you will be able to find the right dance lesson to match your skill level. If you don’t know your skill level, we can help you decide on which classes will best suit you. From solo lessons to group lessons, and even private lessons, Arthur Murray’s dance studio in the Danbury area will help you take you dancing to the next level in a fun, enjoyable environment. We offer:

  • Beginner’s Classes
  • Beginner Adult Classes
  • Couples & Solo Classes
  • Competitive Classes
  • Personal & Group Lessons


How much are Rumba Dance Lessons?

Our dance lessons are selected based on individual need and circumstances. Whatever you are looking to accomplish or learn, we are more than happy to accommodate. As a result, the cost of lessons varies depending on the class. There is an initial orientation lesson to help you get situated with dancing. This is 30-minute session is offered for only $29. If you would like more information about our lessons or pricing, please feel free to call us at (203) 792-0176. You may also view details online at the Arthur Murray at Danbury website.

Gift Certificates

Do you know a friend or family member that wants to learn how to dance? Help them get started! Our Arthur Murray dance studio in Danbury offers a wide variety of gift certificates, starting at $29. We also offer holiday specials—check back frequently so you don’t miss them!


History of Rumba Dancing

Rumba is a dance style with a very diverse background. It is the combination of several cultures, each with their own spices and flares. The word itself, “rumba,” comes from the Cuban word “to party.” That alone speaks to the fun and excitement behind this form of expression. It first began developing in the 1800s in poor areas of Cuba, branching out into three main styles: yambu, Columbia, guaguanco. These styles of dance were later brought to America at the beginning of the 1900s. Around 1920, thanks to the increasing popularity of Afro-Cuban music style and American big band tunes, rumba began to really take hold. Sometimes spelled “rhumba,” this dance gain official recognition in 1930 when it was involved in the Savory Ballroom. Stemming from this event, there are now two recognized forms of ballroom rumba: American style and International style. This passionate and engaging dance has taken hold all across the world. Rumba is an integrated part of several cultures, including Spain, Colombia, and Africa. Come learn Rumba with us today at our Danbury dance studio and experience the excitement of Rumba!

We welcome all people from the Greater Danbury, CT area to come and explore the exciting world of dance. Dancing helps promote a healthy lifestyle in a variety of ways, such as physical activity and discovering new hobbies. Come visit our Danbury dance studio to learn more about our offered dance classes. We have the right dance for you.


Rumba Dance Lessons in Greater Danbury, CT

At Arthur Murray of Danbury, you will find a fun, friendly, and professional environment to improve your dance skills. We provide an extensive range of Rumba dance classes to meet your needs and help you feel comfortable while dancing. Whether you are beginning to dance or have years of experience, we have the perfect class to match your needs. Each class is led by trained dance instructors that establish a comfortable style and pace. Our dance studio, located in Danbury, CT, proudly serves everyone and anyone in the greater region. No partner or experience is required, only a desire to learn how to Rumba! Call us today to schedule your initial session and let the dancing begin: (203) 792-0176



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