Merengue Dance Classes at Arthur Murray

Merengue Dance at Arthur Murray of Danbury
Merengue is a fast and flirty style of dance hailing from the Dominican Republic. The intoxicating beat draws couples into a speedy, though uncomplicated, social dance suitable for all ages. We share this exhilarating experience at Arthur Murray of Danbury through our Merengue Lessons.

Why attend Arthur Murray of Danbury? We have been in the business since 1979, providing dancers from every walk of life with easy, enjoyable Merengue dance lessons. Our enthusiastic instructors cater to every skill level; we welcome beginners and challenge competition-level medalists in equal measure. Leave all awkwardness at the door when you arrive at to our open and friendly Danbury studio. We look forward to hearing from you.


Merengue Class Types Offered

Our dedicated instructors teach merengue at any level of skill. Never danced a day in your life? We have just the classes for that. Already at competition level, but looking to improve even further? Let us help. We pride ourselves on offering private, group, single, and partner classes in a jovial setting. Bring a partner or fly in solo - we have the classes for you.Dance Programs Offered:

Beginner’s Classes
Beginner Adult Classes 
Couples & Solo Classes
Competitive Classes
Personal Lessons
Group Lessons


How Much Are Merengue Dance Lessons?

Our orientation lessons are only $29. After completing your orientation lesson, you will have the ability to choose the scheduling, quantity, and types of lessons you wish to participate in. Our prices depend on our lesson type, with private and group lessons 

The pricing depends on the private verses group lessons. Further questions can be answered with a call to us at (203) 792-0176.

Gift Certificates

We offer a variety of gift certificates starting at 29$. Don’t forget to check back periodically for holiday specials!



History of Merengue 


The Merengue is the national dance of the Dominican Republic and, to a lesser extent, Haiti. There are two popular stories about origins of this dance, seeking to explain away the stiff right leg during a chasse unique to Merengue. Some insist that it originated with slaves' chained ankles on sugar plantations, which forced them to drag their right legs while cutting sugar. Others say a war hero came home with an injury, but was so beloved that the town copied his dragging right leg when dancing as an act of solidarity. 

Tempos vary wildly with Merengue, making it versatile for adaption to other styles of dance. A particular favorite among social dancers is to start with a slow, heady Bolero that steadily increases to a fun and flirty Merengue before ending with a frenzied Jive. Strong African drum beats and a quick pace are the two main hallmarks of modern Merengue, which can see any number and combination of instruments making up the melody. 

Our passion for sharing the especially flirty flavor of the Merengue makes us your top choice for enjoyable lessons. Call or visit us at Arthur Murray of Danbury to begin making Merengue part of your daily routine


Merengue Dance Lessons Throughout Greater Danbury, CT

Arthur Murray of Danbury offers professional, friendly Merengue dance classes in a welcoming environment. You may have danced before or never before. It doesn't matter. We have the right class that fits your style and pace, staffed by dedicated dance instructors. Our dance studio is physically located in the heart of Danbury, CT. But, we serve the greater area offering dance lessons for anyone interested. You don't need a partner or experience. Just be prepared to come have fun and learn how to dance. Call us today to schedule your class: 203-792-0176



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