Country-Western 2-Step Dance Classes at Arthur Murray


Country-Western 2-Step, also known as Texas 2-Step, is one of the most popular types of country dance styles. It comes in a few variations, mainly based on the ratio of quick to slow steps (QQS vs QQSS). Regardless of the variant Country-Western 2-Step is always fun and exciting Here at Arthur Murray of Danbury we try to share the joy of this dance with our Country-Western 2-Step Lessons.

Why come to Arthur Murray of Danbury? We’ve got years of experience teaching Country-Western 2-Step and can claim almost 40 years of experience (we started in 1979). Our friendly and talented instructors enjoy teaching dance both at a beginner and competitive level. Come join us at our Danbury studio to meet our team and fellow classmates. We look forward to seeing you.



Country-Western 2-Step Classes Offered

Our Country-Western 2-Step classes are available to students of all skill levels. Even if you’ve never danced at all our hard working instructors can help. If you’re looking for an edge in competitive Country-Western 2-Step we offer classes for you too. Private, group, single, and partner classes are all available. So long as you want to dance we have a class for you.

Beginner’s Classes
Beginner Adult Classes
Couples & Solo Classes
Competitive Classes
Personal Lessons
Group Lessons


How much are Country-Western 2-Step Dance Lessons?

Your first orientation lesson is only $29. Afterward you get to choose your own schedule, including the number of classes and type of lessons you are interested in. The pricing will vary based on the type of lessons you select, private tutorials vs group lessons for example. To learn more about classes and pricing, call us at (203) 792-0176.

Gift Certificates

We offer a variety of gift certificates starting at 29$. Don’t forget to check back periodically for holiday specials!



History of Country-Western 2-Step Dancing

When exactly Country-Western 2-Step started is not completely clear. But what we do know is that Country-Western 2-Step started to form around the early 1800s. It originated from a combination of the One-Step and Foxtrot which were both popular dances at the time. The song Washington Post March in 1889 helped the dance gain further popularity. Much of its recent popularity though can be traced to the 1980 John Travolta movie Urban Cowboy where the dance played a prominent role. It also made Texas 2-Step one of the more popular names for the dance. While the movie might have guaranteed its popularity it was not the end of Country-Western 2-Step’s progress. The dance has continued to evolve including changing from a line pattern to the circle we know today.

We love Country-Western 2-Step in all its variations here at Arthur Murray and love sharing it with everyone. Come join us to experience some Country-Western 2-Step.


Country-Western 2-Step Dance Lessons Throughout Greater Danbury, CT

Whether you’ve danced before or not doesn’t matter here at Arthur Murray. Our dedicated, friendly dance instructors will help create the nurturing, open environment you want to succeed. While our dance studio is physically located in the heart of Danbury, CT we serve the greater area offering dance lessons for anyone interested. You don't need a partner or experience. Just be prepared to come have fun and learn how to dance.Call us today to schedule your class: 203-792-0176



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