Country Line Dance Classes

Like all other dances, country dances can bring you social, emotional, and physical benefits! You can meet and have fun with new people without adding the stress of dancing with a new partner. It is perfect for those who want to get out but might not have anyone to dance with. 

Country line dancing at Arthur Murray offers a fun, friendly environment for you to come with a partner or on your own.  We are here to help you laugh, have fun and learn how to dance country line.

We have different Country Line Dance class schedules throughout the week as well as different pricing options. Whether you want a private class or a group class, we have the right option that fits your schedule and budget. So give us a call today:203-792-0176 



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Experience Needed?

Absolutely none! Our country line dance classes are for all levels of dancers. No matter the experience of dancing you have, you will be able to join us. Country line dancing is one of the best ways to pick up new dance moves and ease your way into the art of dancing. We play several songs, so you will be able to practice your moves and gain confidence as the class goes on.


How much are Country Dance Lessons?

The costs involved depend on the selection of classes chosen. However, the initial orientation lesson is offered for $29 for a 30-minute session. For specific pricing details, you can contact Arthur Murray of Danbury either by telephone, (203) 792-0176 or online at the Arthur Murray at Danbury website.

Gift Certificates

We offer a variety of gift certificates starting at 29$. Don’t forget to check back periodically for holiday specials!



History of Country Line Dancing

Today’s country line dancing comes from a merge of folk dancing and rock n’ roll.  First starting off in the southern states, this dance style has grown to be popular across the United States. Songs such as Billy Ray Cyrus' Achy Breaky Heart has given country line dancing a place in mainstream pop culture. Arthur Murray offers country line dancing for dancers of all level. Rather you are just starting off or you are a seasoned dancer, there is room on the dance floor for you. Interested in learning some new country line dances? Give us a call today!


Country Line Dance Lessons in Greater Danbury, CT

Arthur Murray of Danbury offers a professional, friendly environment for your country line dance classes. We have the right class that fits your style and pace, staffed by dedicated dance instructors. Our dance studio is physically located in the heart of Danbury, CT. But, we serve the greater area offering dance lessons for anyone interested. You don't need a partner or experience. Just be prepared to come have fun and learn how to dance. Call us today to schedule your class: 203-792-0176


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