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Spooky month is upon us, and Halloween is drawing ever closer!  If you are planning on going to some Halloween parties and want to know how to bust a move to the music, here are some popular songs you will hear and which dances go along with them!

Thriller – Michael Jackson

Pictured: part of the zombie dance from the “Thriller” music video

This song is very popular among all ages, and you will almost certainly hear it at any Halloween party you attend.  If you don’t know all the moves from the Thriller dance, or if you want to stand out from the crowd, then take your partner out for a Hustle or Cha Cha!  

Monster Mash – Bobby Pickett

Here’s another Halloween “classic!”  Like the first song, there was a dance specially made for it.  But, if you are itching to do some ballroom, the styles that work best with this song are Triple Swing and Rumba.  

Ghostbusters Theme – from Ghostbusters 

Pictured: the Ghostbusters from the 1984 movie

This song is a favorite among many as well.  If you don’t own the Just Dance 2014 game, or if you do and want to freestyle from what the game wants you to do, we are here to help!  Similar to Michael Jackson’s “Thriller,” it works with Cha Cha. If you aren’t in the mood for that style, try calling the Ghostbusters with a West Coast Swing!  

This is Halloween – from the Nightmare Before Christmas

Pictured: Jack Skellington from Tim Burton’s “Nightmare Before Christmas”

Maybe the movie is playing in the background and you get the itch to dance, or this specific song comes up on whatever playlist you are listening to to get into the Halloween spirit.  Either way, this is the perfect song for a spooky Tango!  

The Addams Family Theme – from The Addams Family 

This is another popular Halloween song that you are bound to hear at some point during spooky season!  Although the song may feel much sillier than the previous example, the tempo lends itself perfectly to a “creepy and kooky” Tango!  

I’m In Love With a Monster – Fifth Harmony – triple swing

Pictured: opening to the “I’m in Love with a Monster” music video

This last example also works perfectly to take your monster out on the floor for a Triple Swing!  The upbeat feel to this song matches well with the lively movements of Triple Swing.  

Use this knowledge to take your partner out and impress everyone else at the Halloween party with your moves!  Unfamiliar with any of these dances?  Contact us to schedule a lesson!

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