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Arthur Murray Dance O Ramas are some of the most fun you’ll ever have dancing!  Let’s look into what they are and why you should get excited whenever you hear one is coming up!  

Why should you attend?

A Dance O Rama (DOR) is a 3-5 day, 360 degree dance experience.  If you are a student who is interested in pushing yourself through competitive dancing, this is your chance to shine!  You can compete in all the core dances at well as multi-dance events for swing, country and Latin club dances.  

If you find yourself to be a student who prefers to get your experience through social dancing, here is your excuse to take a dance vacation to a fun new place around the event with your fellow students and instructors! DORs have been held in California, Seattle, New York, Las Vegas, Cancun, and Maui. Be ready to make friends from other studios all over the world!  

If you are looking for a more in-depth explanation on what a DOR is and what all goes on, then check out the video below by Arthur Murray International.  

Push yourself!

If you are looking to really hone in on your dancing skills, then step out of your comfort zone and onto the bigger dance floor!  Watch the other competitors dancing, and get inspired to continue working and improving. If you are worried that you may find yourself stuck on the sidelines, check out this blog post that goes through three steps to help overcome performance anxiety.   

Parties, formal galas, and excursions, oh my!

For the students who are looking to have some fun practice time, there are themed dance parties, from more cocktail settings to a formal ball.  Don’t forget to go all out in costumes to add to the experience!  

You are traveling to a place that you may have never been to before, so go explore!  Depending on the event, there may be an itinerary to guide you and your fellow dancers around where the DOR is taking place, or there will be free time for you to explore on your own. Examples of some of the incredible excursions are a rooftop dinner and Cirque Du Soleil show in Las Vegas and a reception with dinner and dancing in the Museum of Science in Boston!

The cherry on top…

Every DOR hosts professional competitions in smooth and rhythm as well as some exciting one-dance events like this country two step competition from the Houston DOR. This is a chance for you to kick back and relax after dinner and watch some world-class ballroom dancing by some of the most accomplished professionals in the country.

The next Dance O Rama is held by Arthur Murray International at Bellagio Resort in Las Vegas, Nevada from October 23-27.  We hope to see you there!  When there’s an Arthur Murray DOR going on, keep an eye on this page to see all the updates

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